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Lucid dreaming opens the door to new creativity, insight and wisdom.  
I look forward to helping you experience lucid dreaming's potential for  personal growth, freedom and transformation!

-Robert Waggoner


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The Complete Lucid Dreaming Journey

In this new in-depth course, I draw on all the expertise from my 40 years of practice, research and teaching about lucid dreaming to make your path easier, smoother and more productive!

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Coming at the end of October 2024

The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming conference!!

This online conference reaches out to all explorers of lucid dreaming – from the inexperienced beginner to those who have ventured far along the path. During the conference, you will  much deeper than the lucid dreaming basics.

You will learn how experienced lucid dreamers use this state to access personal creativity, inner knowledge and spiritual wisdom. You will see how others have used lucid dreaming to overcome emotional blocks, direct healing intent to physical ailments, and explore the Self.

Visit https://www.glidewing.com/iasd/lucid_dreaming_conference.html

Available anytime on the Jung Platform

Lucid Dreaming:
A Path to Healing & Inner Growth

In his course, acclaimed author, lucid dreamer and teacher, Robert Waggoner, explains how you can use this special state of lucid dreaming to consciously relate and engage dream figures, dream objects and the dream environment — and as a means of self discovery and individuation.

Through specific techniques, you will discover how lucid dreaming allows you to interact consciously with a non-visible, responsive Inner Self, and potentially assist with emotional and physical healing.

Coming July 27, 2024 on GlideWing and IONS

Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly -- Begins July 27!
30 Day online workshop!

For millennia, wisdom seekers have used lucid dreaming  for deep personal and spiritual growth  as a tool for inner knowledge and problem solving, to support the experiences of waking reality, to overcome emotional blocks, to direct healing intent to physical ailments, for rich personal creativity, to explore the Self, and so much more!
Register at https://www.glidewing.com/rw/luciddreaming_home.html


Machiel Klerk

"Our audience was enchanted by Robert's mind-blowing lecture and workshop. Robert presents some of the most profound and ground breaking (lucid) dream discoveries of the last hundred years in the Western world. His insights translate to practical ways for the attendees to live a more fulfilling waking life as well. Robert is truly one of world's best dream teachers, highly recommended!"

Ave Minajeva

Of all the online courses I have attended, this still remains the best! There was really personal support, I got abundant information and answers to all my questions, plus my dreaming and lucid dreaming skills advanced

Stanley Krippner Ph.D

"In this remarkable book, Robert Waggoner has brought lucid dreaming to a level that is simultaneously higher and deeper than any previous explorer has taken this topic."


Lucid Dreaming:
Gateway to the Inner Self

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (now in its sixteenth printing) is the account of a talented lucid dreamer who consciously sought out the principles of the dreaming realm, while lucidly aware.

Conscious in the dream state and able to interact with dream figures, objects, and settings, lucid dreamer Robert Waggoner experienced something transformative and unexpected. Using a counter-intuitive technique to ignore the dream figures and objects, he began to address questions and requests to the ‘awareness behind the dream,’ and received deeply creative, thoughtful and intelligent responses.

Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple

This book approaches lucid dreaming with insights from cognitive psychology, and focuses more on how to use lucid dream techniques for personal growth, insight and transformation.

Whether a reader is completely new to lucid dreaming or someone who has experienced that incredible moment of realizing, “This is a dream!”, you will learn valuable tips and techniques gleaned from scientific research and decades of experience to explore this unique state of awareness more deeply.

About me

Hi, my name is Robert Waggoner

During my forty-plus years as a lucid dreamer, I experienced a deep desire to help future lucid dreamers see the depth, beauty and potential of lucid dreaming.

Throughout my life, dreams and lucid dreams showed me that life and living was simply much more extraordinary, sacred and incredible than it appeared.

Behind the day-to-day experience, my dreams and lucid dreams showed me a new kind of depth and understanding to this thing we call one's 'self'.  So yes, lucid dreaming is fun, exciting and full of adventure.  

My work has been featured in:


Our free online magazine at https://www.luciddreamingmagazine.com

Lucid Dreaming Experience

The free online, quarterly Lucid Dreaming Experience magazine is designed to educate, inform and inspire you about lucid dreaming's extraordinary potential.  In its pages, you will find fascinating articles with helpful information that lucid dreamers need to know, and numerous reader submitted lucid dreams to inspire you.
For more than 20 years, Robert Waggoner and Lucy Gillis have created and co-edited this amazing lucid dream magazine resource. Visit https://www.luciddreamingmagazine.com

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To contact Robert about media requests or presenting at a workshop, conference or university, please complete the Contact Form.

You can also send an email to RobertLucidDreaming@gmail.com

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